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JK Agro Farms


112 Clearbrook Road
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Bumbleberry Farms


JK Agro Industries embodies the best of the Fraser Valley, by providing a sense of community while delivering our finest quality berries. The family business which was started in 1975, is into the fourth generation and continually growing with every season.

First started by the Grandfather back in 1975 with only 10 acres, eventually growing cole crops and a variety of berries that reached to 500 acres. From the early 1980's the Braich family harvested 250 acres of strawberries until the 2000's. Currently the family harvests; strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. The June bearing strawberries are Rainier and Puget Crimson, and new this year are Albion strawberries, which are ever-bearing that grow from mid May to the middle of October.

The Braich family takes pride in delivering only the best quality fruit to their customers. That's why as farmers we are simply outstanding in our field.